Keystone Sports Network Hits a Milestone


This week Keystone Sports Network reached a major milestone, our one millionth download! And this number does not take into account the many listeners on our radio affiliates, live shows, Facebook live, Fox 43 appearances, minute segments, and other outlets.

I’d like to thank all those who have made it possible for us to get here. Thanks to our guests who have appeared on the show. Whether a high school recruit (folks like Sean Clifford and, yes, Justin Fields have appeared on the show) or a national college football expert, they have all added a new perspective on college football for us.

But a special thanks needs to go out to our regular on-air talent. Ross, Andy, Bob, Dustin, and Greg are the reason that so many have tuned in. I hope that all of you have learned as much football from them and laughed with them as much as I have along the way.

When we began Keystone Sports Network and the Keystone Kickoff show, we did not know what we were getting ourselves into. We did know that we wanted to talk Penn State football with some very smart football minds and have some fun.  Based on the number of listeners and great response that we have gotten, I believe that we have accomplished our goal.

And finally, our biggest thanks go out to those of you who have been listening.  Your many questions to the Ask Ross and Ask Greg segments of our show have demonstrated your football knowledge and great sense of humor. Keep those questions coming!

Now let’s get started on our next million!

Jim Galanti

General Manager

Keystone Sports Network