Legendary HS Coach George Curry

George Curry

Long time Berwick HS football coach George Curry passed away today, April 1, 2016. There has been no more polarizing figure in PA High School football over the last 40 years than Coach Curry. Record setting number of wins and accusations of illegal recruiting are both part of Curry’s resume.

I’m not here to talk about either the records or the controversies of Coach Curry’s tenure as coach. I’d like to tell you about the man off the field.

First, it’s time for full disclosure. I am from Berwick. I have known George for over 40 years. He was my Driver Ed instructor and we attended the same church. I never played football for George.

I witnessed George’s efforts to find his players scholarships to college, even those who may not have excelled on the field and had struggled in the classroom.

I saw George go out of his way to help a young Berwick grad advance his career with a wonderful letter of recommendation and making a phone call to the right person. I know this because it was my brother, who also did not play football.

George made his greatest impression on me when my family lost a member way too young. When others didn’t know what to say, George seemed to know just the right words to comfort elderly parents who lost a son. For me, as a brother, George’s words were just the right mix of sympathy and encouragement. I can’t believe that any half time speech he gave was more powerful.

In talking to friends from Berwick, my stories are not unique. All tributes to who  Coach Curry was off the field.

Rest in peace Coach Curry. You left the world a better place.

Jim Galanti

PA HS football writer Eric Epler recorded the following KSN minute after Curry was honored at his final home game last fall.