About Us




The first thing to know about those of us who started the Keystone Sports Network (KSN) is that we are Penn Staters and passionate about Penn State football. We say it proudly and without hesitation. It means we follow our Nittany Lions not only every fall weekend but also through the off-season. We crave more information and want to know not just what happened, but why it happened and what effect it will have on the future of the program.

And that is why we created KSN.

We are not just looking to break the news that a highly regarded HS quarterback who has committed to Penn State has changed his allegiance to a hated rival. We want the insight as to why he changed his verbal and what affect that will have on Penn State recruiting.

We hope that you enjoy Keystone Sports Network and share us with your friends. You can hear us on the radio, come here to our website, KeystoneSportsNetwork.com, or download our APP by searching on Keystone Sports.

If you have any thoughts on what additions you would like to see on KSN, please email me at: info@ksnsports.net

Jim Galanti

General Manager

Keystone Sports Network